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What’s in Your Digital Marketing Utility Belt – (Part Trois)

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Key Tools & Templates to Create Winning Campaigns

Holy digital marketing plans, Batman! It’s time to don your utility belt and make sure you’ve got all your best tools and resources in place. If you know your ICA (ideal customer avatar) inside out, you’ll be able to turn these tools, templates, and resources into winning digital marketing campaigns. Are you ready? Let’s make sure your marketing skills are as in demand as a rare Beanie Baby in 1998.

Marketing Plan Creation Tools and Templates

Why reinvent the wheel? You can try to do something groundbreaking, but it’s often the most effective to complete your plans by following a paint-by-numbers method. Here are some of the best tools to use next time you lay the foundation of a new campaign.


Mplans offers over 100 marketing plan templates you can view for free to give you inspiration for creating your own marketing plan. They also have calculators that enable you to calculate your potential ROI for your digital marketing campaigns, so you won’t waste time on a strategy that just won’t work.


MindManager is another great planning tool that will help you and your team structure your marketing plans using mind maps. Many people are visual learners, and a visualization tool like this will help your team more easily follow the marketing plan so it doesn’t look like an Etch A Sketch drawing in their mind.


If you are looking to plan an email marketing campaign, try this email marketing plan template from Hubspot to help you organize everything in a simple table. They’ve got a range of templates you can download and edit in our old pal Microsoft Word (import it to Google Docs to use it on the cloud!), which you can find here.

Collaborative Tools

Without the right collaborative tools, organizing your campaigns will be like passing notes in class before we all had cellphones. One simple conversation may take all class, and if you drop your note and it slides under another desk, you’re doomed! Here are some of the best tools out there:


Basecamp is a collaboration tool that allows project managers to assign tasks and projects to their team or groups within their team. With scheduling, messaging, the ability to upload files for all members to see, and much more, Basecamp is ideal for marketing teams working in the office or those working remotely from home.


Another popular collaboration tool is Slack. This software brings your AOL or MSN IMs into the 21st century. With Slack, you can have streamlined conversations, share files across your team, and probably share one too many memes.

Market Research Tools

If you don’t know what the market wants or what your potential customers are talking about, you’re going to struggle. Fortunately, the days of sending out surveys are gone. We’ve got some seriously advanced tools to add to your utility belt!

Alexa’s Marketing Stack

One such tool is from Alexa. She’s not just a talking sphere or cylinder in your living room, you know! And she’s no HAL, fortunately, either. With Alexa’s Marketing Stack, you can find the best ways to use your marketing strategies to grow your audience. The Marketing Stack includes keyword research, competitor analysis, and the Audience Overlap tool, enabling you to see what other sites your audience is visiting, just to name a few.


Neil Patel’s website and his competitor and keyword research tool, UberSuggest, should be bookmarked in your browser. If you have a question, it’s worth looking for it on the blog or on his YouTube channel, as all information is conveyed so you can consume it super-fast and start taking action.

17 Market Research Tools from Qualtrics

Qualtrics’s own tool is a powerful way to ensure the people who answer your surveys are actually relevant to your business. Fortunately, they’ve also listed 17 free and paid tools you should also know about.

More Templates & Project Management Tools

Forget Gantt charts on walls or painstakingly created in Excel; it’s time to leave that tool behind. Today, you can use the same theory in much better tools that contain marketing strategy templates, easy reorganization, and project management all in one. That’s right, you can put your PalmPilot in the attic!

Atlassian Confluence

Download plans, share them across your entire organization, integrate them with (the extremely awesome) Trello, predict results, communicate with your peers, and more. If you’re looking for a complete solution, Atlassian tools are what you need.


Use templates, make plans, monitor results in real-time, and create reports. This is the solution built for marketers, which essentially makes it your Batmobile. Check it out here.

Were you that kid who could be entertained by a kaleidoscope for hours? If so, you’ll probably love the bright color blocks offers as part of its project management tool. Easily collaborate, keep track of your budget, growth, reach, and use their ready-made templates.

Wrap Up

There you have it: plenty of tools and templates to help you feel like a Ninja Turtle when it’s time to create a new marketing plan. Best of all, most of these tools are free or super affordable, so you won’t have trouble persuading your bosses, clients, and teams to jump on board.

Until next time, stay moxie my friends!

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