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Welcome to the Marketing Moxie League

Moxie League

I am so excited you have joined me in wanting to moxi-fy your marketing. I’ve created this blog to share my thoughts and knowledge in a way that is totally me. This blog is something that I’ve always wanted to do and is my chance to express how I see marketing and why I love my field so much.

I guess I should give a bit of background about me and what you can expect from “The MM League.”

First and foremost, I am a marketer to my core. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years. I’ve been accused of being a strict purist; I don’t necessarily agree with this, but if marketing, in any form, is based on creativity and science, then there needs to be some form for rigger in your execution. So, sue me! But seriously, don’t sue me; that was just a figure of speech.

Marketing is the fine blend between creativity and science

I don’t know who said that famous adage “In order to know where you are going you have to know where you’ve been,” but I am constantly excited about the future direction of marketing and its infinite evolution.

My career started out in traditional marketing and advertising. I can officially call it “back in the day,” when everything was analogue. You, younger digital and content marketers, don’t know the pain of creating content and ads back in the 90s. There were no templates or pre-built tools that did the set-up for you.

If you didn’t know how to do something, you couldn’t just Google it. You planned your projects on a desk calendar or a dry erase board. You managed vendors with a rolodex; yes, I had one of these and used it often. There was no desktop publishing, Photoshop or Canva, or even an email account when I started.

In this new age of digital and social marketing, as Morpheaus said in The Matrix part 2, “there are some things in this world that will never change [marketing] . . . some things do change [marketing].”

Today, marketers are faced with so many technical challenges that, sometimes, I feel like the foundation of what makes great marketers marketers is getting lost.

So, I’ve set upon an epic quest to blog like no other has blogged before on topics from digital marketing best practices and persuasion theory to preparing for a career move and overcoming obstacles as well as things from yesteryear, like direct mail and copywriting 101 to crafting perfect campaigns and plans. And this is just the beginning!

The Marketing Moxie League is my stage, and you are my captive audience.

Once a week, I’ll publish something related to digital marketing and sometimes traditional marketing with my unique perspective. I’ll also be providing great tips and guidance so that you, too, can produce award-winning digi-mark with ease and precision. You’ll also notice that I like to make up words, and, no, these words aren’t search engine optimized, but I don’t care. I should, but I don’t.

You may laugh. You may disagree. You may even learn a thing or two or three. But no matter what, you’ll be entertained.

Don’t wait another second. Let’s get this moxie started!

Here is a list of blogs to get you going:

Welcome to a league of marketers who dare to be daring, just like me.

Hey! Don’t forget to subscribe to become a Leaguer, so you don’t miss a thing. Now, buckle-up and enjoy the ride.

Until next time, stay moxie my friends!

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