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7 Essential Tools & Templates to Create a Winning Marketing Plan

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Hello, happy Leaguers!

I’m excited to talk with you today about a tool that is at the core of every marketer’s weapon arsenol: the dreaded marketing plan.

Putting together a marketing plan can feel like being a contestant on an episode of Supermarket Sweep.

You’re chomping at the bit to get going, but if you haven’t planned effectively, you’re going to be looking into your basket at the end wondering what you were thinking. You’ve thrown some influencer marketing in with some PPC and you’ve chosen some low-value display ads, but none of these give you results that you want or need.

And yet, you see and hear about others who mapped out their game plan, such as coaches before the Super Bowl; you already know they’ve won. And just once, you’d love to get an inside look at their plan.

Well, that day has come!

I’m going to give you an inside look at what the experts are doing when it comes to marketing plans; they’re literally uploading them on the internet for you to learn from and use.

Better yet, these marketing plans will take mere seconds to download, unlike how long it would have back in the days of dial-up (no, you can’t use the phone yet, mom!).

To help you stay ahead of the pack, we’ve rounded up the very best resources and templates. You can find them below!

Marketing Plan 101

Hold your horses! Don’t jump to the templates just yet. You need to know what to write first!

10 Questions You Need to Answer – The Balance SB

This article by The Balance is a great place to start to get some ideas down on paper before you decide which template will be right for you and your needs. Grab a legal pad and pencil (or an iPad and pencil) and work your way through these 10 questions before you move on down this list.

Create a Winning Strategy

Want to know how to create a winning strategy, not just a well-thought-out plan? WebFX has you covered like a fanmade strategy guide for a favorite video game (see this beauty for Metal Gear; just don’t get distracted). While WebFX’s formatting isn’t quite on ChandooG’s level, you’ll get just as much out of it. Find it here.

Smartsheet Guide & Template

Smartsheet offers a free marketing plan template with examples and a comprehensive guide to ensure you don’t just sit staring at the template like one of those bored kids in the classroom scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (you know the one: “Bueller? Bueller?”).

Marketing Plan Templates

Now that you know what to write, here are the templates that will help you get your plan completed ASAP.

Profitworks Marketing Template

This free template provides you with all the components you need to create a marketing plan for a small business with step-by-step instructions on how to fill it out and build a plan. It does look a little like an early 2000s PowerPoint presentation, but you could easily bring it up to date. Find it here.


Sliding with the same potential for success as the Cha-Cha Slide circa August 2000 is Slidebean’s marketing plan template. Their template is modern, sleek, will make you feel like a genius, and you can get it as a PDF or PPT file download. Simply pick up the steps by filling in your details, and you’ll be ready to take the market by storm.’s MS Word Templates

While Clippy is no longer with us (RIP), Microsoft Word certainly is. If it’s your preferred word processor, then has over 30 marketing plan templates to choose from for a wide range of needs. Find them all here.

CoSchedule Templates

CoSchedule officially gets the Overachiever award for coming in with not just a template but an entire bundle. Get their social media strategy template, audience persona template, budgeting spreadsheet, and more. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also linked to over 30 other plans. Find them all here.

Keep in mind, having a solid marketing plan is just the beginning. Putting it into action is an entirely different ballgame. But here at Marketing Moxie, we got you covered! These tools will help you create a winning marketing strategy that will increase revenue and brand awareness and help you feel as cool and powerful as Superman (or Wonder Woman!).

Until next time, stay moxie my friends!

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