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What’s in Your Utility Belt: Email Marketing

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Key Tools and Templates that Every Marketer Needs

Hey, Leaguers!

Don’t believe the hype. Email marketing is here to stay.

So, teaching yourself about the most popular and effective email marketing practices can help take your digital marketing and business to the next level.

Just like Batman’s batarang, email marketing is that essential tool that every digital marketer must have on the ready. Not to worry, I’ve done most of the legwork for you! I’ve provided a starting list of some of the best email marketing resources to get your utility belt fully loaded.

Brand Voice: What It Is and Why It Matters

From Sprout Social

Just as you would associate a particular TV advertisement’s narrator with your favorite brand, you want to set a tone for your business in your email marketing. To win over your audience, you need to have an authentic and confident voice within your market sector. Try to strike a balance in your tone of voice. After all, you don’t want to come across as too peppy like the cheerleaders from Bring It On! Speak to your readers like you are having an in-person conversation with them at your workplace or a conference. Once you’ve established your voice, keep things consistent by using the same tone in your social media posts, blog posts, and throughout your website. This article from Sprout Social will help you understand why brand voice is crucial for your business:

6 Email Personalization Techniques That Go Beyond a Name

From Neil Patel

Everyone loves to feel special and noticed, and personalization should be the next tool in your digital marketing utility belt. Just as you probably got your first iPod engraved back in the day, your customers will feel like they are receiving a unique and personalized message when it’s addressed to them. While this might just start with the email title and the addition of the receiver’s name in the intro, you can take this one step further by using these six email personalization techniques from Neil Patel. You don’t want to make your subscribers feel like their minds are being read by Carrie, but by offering a few recommendations to fit their needs, your campaigns will be far more successful.

Why Interactive Email is Great for Your Marketing

From Campaign Monitor

There’s nothing worse than reading an email that simply talks at you and doesn’t offer you any useful advice or ways to interact with the sender or company. Encourage your readers to interact with your brand by adding polls, quizzes, and/or giveaways to your emails, as suggested in this article from Campaign Monitor. Even a simple poll like “Which is your favorite Marvel Character?” can entice receivers to click on the email and be directed to further marketing content. These tools can also be used for you to collect more data on your consumers, which can then help to tailor your email marketing in the future.

No-Reply Emails: Why You Shouldn’t Use Them and How to Replace Them

From Sendinblue

Nowadays, trying to find an email address to respond to an offer or make an inquiry can be as tricky as trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. If you genuinely care about your customers’ opinions and what they have to say (which you should), then make sure they have an easy way to reach out to you. Sendinblue shares some simple advice on why you shouldn’t use no-reply emails and some easy tips on how to replace them moving forward. Remember, not all responses to emails will be negative. In fact, they could result in your biggest lead to date!

When Is the Best Time to Send an Email Newsletter?

From Venngage

As with anything in life, timing is everything when it comes to your email marketing campaign’s success. Think about the time of day that you are most likely to read and engage with emails, and test out this specific time with your subscribers. Venngage shares the best times of day to send your email newsletter, which will vary depending on locations and your audience. Catching your subscribers when they are scrolling on their phone while watching their one-hundredth rerun of Friends is much more likely to get their attention than when they are in the middle of back-to-back meetings during the workday.

How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read

From Hubspot

Receiving an email that is pages long and packed with information is more likely to detract your customers than attract their attention to what you have to say. Use short and snappy subheadings throughout your text to make your email easy to skim read if the receiver is in a rush. Just as we like to catch up on our favorite shows and fast-forward through the ad breaks, think of your emails in the same manner. Follow these hints and tips from Hubspot to create a newsletter that people will actually read and enjoy receiving each week.

How Frequently Should You Email Your List?

From Keap

Even our favorite classic TV shows, such as Sex and the City and Friends, would soon lose their appeal if we watched them every day for weeks on end. Think of your email marketing in the same way. Finding the right frequency to offer you a high conversion rate is critical to the success of digital marketing. Nobody wants to receive daily emails that they didn’t ask for, and it can make your customers feel like you are continually trying to sell them something. Many companies find that sending just one email a week gets the highest response rate, but this could be increased or decreased depending on your industry. By reading this article from Keap, you can decide what frequency would be the most appropriate for your email newsletter.

My Final Word

Just as any successful superheroes set themselves up for success with the right tools and equipment, you need to do the same for your email marketing. By following the tips in the posts listed above, you’ll attract the right customers to your company and increase your engagement and conversion rates for your email marketing.

If you have questions about any of these email marketing tips, feel free to reach out!

Until next time, stay moxie my friends!

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