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What’s in Your Utility Belt: Social Media Marketing

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Top Tools & Templates Every Digital Marketer Needs

Today, everybody thinks they are social media masters just because they have a couple thousand Instagram or TikTok followers. Well, they are not. Social media marketing is not something you take on lightly. To truly understand and leverage social media, it takes more than just posting content or creating a page. Seriously, my #hashtag game is so not on point, but I keep trying:




Did you know that, in 2005, only five percent of the U.S. was on social media?

With Facebook still at the lead and Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and nearly 300 other social media sites available today, it is no surprise that 70 percent of the U.S. has at least one active social media account.

This makes social media marketing important for every business, obviously! So where do you start if you’re new to social media or need to step up your Insta game in 2021? This blog provides a list of the social media marketing tools, leading blogs, articles, and resources available today.

Increase your social media marketing skills with the best 411 on social media marketing with just one click below!

The Only Social Media Strategy You’ll Need In 2021

If you ever watched Home Improvement or, better yet, Tool Time on Home Improvement, you’ll understand the brunt of this article: it’s about strategy, knowing your competitors, and having a game plan. Right, Tim?

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9 Predictions to Fuel Your Social Media Strategy in 2021

Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, and countless chefs and crafters reigned in the 90s and 00s with daily shows focused on live action in the kitchen and craft rooms. This article focuses on the importance of video in your social media strategy.

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5 Killer Social Media Marketing Tips to Keep In Mind For 2021

Whether or not you were a fan of America’s Funniest Home Videos, the point of this article will make you think AFHV were media specialists of their time.

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Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2021

Every social media strategist dreams of being successful like director James Cameron of Titanic and Avatar. Here’s a great article to help you on your way!

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20 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021

Don’t think about voting any of these great ideas off the “island” of your social media strategy. To be the sole Survivor (get it?), you may just have to use them all!

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My Final Word

Although some components should stay consistent even as your social media marketing evolves, consider revisiting your strategies regularly to ensure that your social media marketing stays on target.

If you’ve got questions about any of these social media marketing tools or templates, feel free to reach out!

Until next time, stay moxie my friends!

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